We offer summer cool and winter warm, spacious accommodation with a “hidey hole” for privacy.  Each cat is checked several times throughout the day and given lots of cuddles, some grooming and plenty of playtime.

          Cats are fed 3 times a day with their favourite food and fresh water is given, it’s important to make sure your loved one is eating, drinking and looking healthy, happy and contented. Litter trays are checked several times a day to make sure the food and water are being “processed” correctly. 

           Units and litter trays are sterilised every day and fresh blankets are provided regularly.

Cats with Special Needs

          Sometimes your cat may need a little extra care.  For older cats or those with a medical condition, every attention is given to cater for their particular needs (medication is administered at no extra cost).

          If you need your cat collected from your home, this can be arranged as well as delivery after your break. 

          In the unlikely event of a cat becoming ill, we have an isolation unit, located in a separate building designed to reduce any cross infection to the absolute minimum.





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